Ghost Kitchens in Bangladesh – Post COVID-19 World

Ghost Kitchens in Bangladesh



Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh is under-going a major rebranding as it becomes We are excited to transform our identity with an incline towards building a globally-accepted platform where future innovations can be introduced.


The idea of delivery-only kitchens has been hovering around for quite a while now. However, until the beginning of 2020, restaurants were not opting to give up dine-in spaces completely and the transition to ghost kitchens seemed distant. After the major hit of COVID – 19, the scenario took a prime turn as it was prohibited to serve in restaurants. This is when the model of ghost kitchen, or alternatively called cloud kitchen, came into play. People wanted to still enjoy the scrumptious items from their favourite food places sitting at the comfort of their houses and more importantly, maintaining social distance – exactly what ghost kitchens are designed to do.

One of the basic differences between ghost kitchens and physical restaurants is the dine-in facility. With the looming risk of spreading the virus, a space open to people coming from various places only adds to the threat. Contrarily, ghost kitchens are spared of similar risks due to the fact that the facility is open to only the assigned chefs. This allows them to control the food preparation environment and ensure maximum precautions regarding hygiene. With the ongoing pandemic situation, the otherwise booming restaurant industry experienced a rather hard hit while a new door opened for all the existing ghost kitchens. Due to the shift in customer behaviour, restaurants are having to rely on online orders only. As a result, it is becoming increasingly harder to maintain and bear the cost of the restaurants. On the other hand, ghost kitchens need not worry about seating arrangements because there isn’t any to begin with.

Amidst the current situation, more and more restaurants have now started to completely rely on their online orders and revenue generated from those. It is only a matter of time until most, if not all restaurants entirely move towards the future – ghost kitchens. With a population consisting of mostly young generation (median age 27 years) who are tech savvy and believe in fast results, online ordering is indeed the best option in Bangladesh. Moreover, the roads are not what you call “travel friendly” in the country, all the more reason to not get out of the house.

Restaurants have another significant restriction – cuisine. It is unacceptable if a continental restaurant serves Thai food. However, this dilemma does not exist in ghost kitchens. Same space can be shared to prepare multiple items of different brands catering to different sets of cuisines. Resultantly, ghost kitchens can serve the purpose of both offering variety and accessibility. All these reasons combined will play a significant role to encourage entrepreneurs and investors alike to establish more cloud kitchens in the forthcoming days.