We combine technology, food and branding to benefit society.

We exist to empower 60,000+ restaurants with technology, food concepts, and digital branding. If you own a restaurant, and you are finding it hard to survive/grow, you have come to the right place. Let's work together and make most of the 'ghost'.

Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh
We are a tech-enabled and impact-driven internet restaurant platform that utilizes mobile and web platforms to help existing restaurants drive additional revenues and improve bottom-line.
Ghost Kitchen Network

GKB Network

Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh’s business model revolves around a impact-driven cycle, called GKB Network, through which we empower thousands of small food entrepreneurs who are impacted by the changing dynamics of the industry. Through innovative collaborations, 4 key nodes of the network are connected: Our Brand Team, Restaurant Partners, Delivery Partners, and lastly Customers.

The GKB Network contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 9 and 12 by utilizing innovation and infra­structure, to unleash dynamic and competi­tive economic forces that generate employment and income. Furthermore, by reducing food loss and waste, we contribute to environmental sustainabil­ity by lowering production costs and increasing the efficiency of food systems.

How far we have reached?

We started our official operations on the 18th of October 2020, and in such a short time, we have managed to complete the following:

  • Formed an amazing team covering food development, IT, branding and operations, who can get things done effectively without burning unnecessary cash
  • Built Phase 1 of GKB KitchOS Platform
  • Opened 3 fully-operational global-standard kitchens in Dhaka
  • Launched 4 unique delivery-only brands
  • Secured Partnership with 4 Food Aggregators
  • Hired consultants to ensure 100% Regulatory Compliance
First Prize at Food Frontiers 2021

Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh (GKB) has won the ‘Food Frontiers: Urban Food Systems Innovation Challenge Competition 2021 with its innovative Temperature Monitoring System called GKB KitchOS 4.0.

Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh at Global Startup Competitions

Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh (GKB), the first internet-based restaurant marketplace in Bangladesh, has recently accomplished a remarkable position in both Bangabandhu Innovation Grant (BIG) 2021 and Unicorn Battle Online.

Kitchen Priorities

We want our kitchen priorities to define our expected kitchen-management standard from our Restaurants Partners. We want all our partners to understand that we exist to do something wonderful. And the success that we dream to achieve will only come if we execute our kitchen operations according to these priorities.

  • It is our top priority to establish a firm set of personal hygiene rules for all staff within our kitchens.
  • We give utmost importance to speed, and optimize the order preparation and packaging time to ensure that the ordered food leave our kitchen in a flash.
  • We are a strong believer of the fact that consistency is key, because with consistency comes dependability, and with dependability comes customer loyalty.
Our Brands

The key element of our brand development process is market research. Over the years, we have learned the necessity of market research in the worst possible ways – seeing numerous failed ventures. This time, we have been successfully making most of the insight we have regarding the taste and wants of the consumer groups. We cook and deliver delicious foods that our consumer groups are desiring for.

Burger, Fries and Wings

Friggy’s offers a simple fast-food menu utilizing the mindful procurement of ingredients that appeal to burger-lovers of the town.


Party Pizza aims to become the most favorite place to order pizza, fries, wings and so much more for fast and delicious delivery.

Fusion Wraps

With a taste of Kolkata and New York, Wrappo gives you that ‘quick’ solution whenever you need to grab a bite. Happily bring easy and quick deliciousness into your life.

Chicken Bites

CheekyBite brings you tangy, flavourful, and saucy chicken, where every bite will explode in the mouth, just right for the spicy food craving.


MoolkShake promises you those smile-riffic treats you’ve been waiting for.

Halal Snack Pack

Upcoming Snackmate will offer authentic Halal snack pack, short form HSP, which is a genial pile of sauces, chips and kebab meat.

Where we're headed?

We are all set to launch 8 brands and 8 delivery-only kitchens by July 2022. By this time, we will be proving our business model. We will continue our unit economics approach and steer the venture in the right direction. When our own kitchens start breaking-even, we will launch our Fulfillment Partner concept and by 2024, our goal is to have at least 10 Fulfillment Partners along with 16 own kitchens throughout the country. After July 2024, we will step into the ‘boom’ phase of Launching 300 Restaurants in 12 Months.



Syed Tahmid Zaman

After co-founding the fastest growing electronics retail network in Bangladesh, Tahmid has stepped into the food-tech landscape of Bangladesh. At Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh, he aspires to set a benchmark standard when it comes to kitchen hygiene, creativity in food, and the use of technology in the industry.

Director of Operations

Ashraful Hoque Chayon

An aspiring foodpreneur and a dreamer, Chayon joined the Ghost Kitchen club with a vision to revolutionize the industry. As the leader of the operations team, he looks after the overall food production and supply chain of the company.
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Virtual Food Hall

Onnow is coming soon as a logistics partner of Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh to support its endless internet restaurant brand concepts, which we will make available to everyone, all within 30 minutes delivery.

With Onnow App, you will also be able to mix n’ match your favorite brands from Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh all from one single platform.

Stay Tuned

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